Time to Tell!

21 May

Welcome to the brand new Sounds of Music website! We’re still learning to navigate it, so let’s learn it together, shall we? We love to hear feedback from our friends, so please feel free to answer or comment on posts, right here on the site! We hope that you’ll find this a fun and informative way to keep up with all the goings on at Sounds of Music.

As we gear up for another session beginning the first week in June, we are constantly looking for new ways to find new friends. Of course there’s radio and the newspaper, but do you know how we get the best referrals?

From YOU! Do your friends know what you’re up to once a week at Sounds of Music? Do you tell people how much fun and enjoyment you get in your class? Do you explain the way making music makes you feel? If you have never encouraged your friends to come to a music class, now is the time! And did you know they can even come to class with you? A lot of people don’t want to come to a class alone, but even if you’re not in the beginning class, your friend can still visit with you and get a feel for what we do here. You never know, it could spark their interest and they could join a beginner class on the spot!

So here is your mission, current students: Tell someone this week what you enjoy here at Sounds of Music! You never know- you could be instrumental in putting the hobby of making music into someone’s life!

Oh, and in case they need that little extra nudge, gift certificates are available.

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