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The Benefits of Previously Enjoyed Lowreys!

We’ve been fortunate enough lately to have sent several new Lowrey Sterlings to their new homes! The new owners are thrilled to be part of the flagship instrument family. Of course, this means trade ins! So how can this benefit you?

Let us first explain our policies regarding traded in instruments. There are several great thing about adopting a previously enjoyed Lowrey from Sounds of Music. First of all, the majority of these instruments were delivered by Mack himself. This means he knows what kind of home it’s going into, where it’s being placed, everything. Each Lowrey is like our baby, and we like to see them personally placed in each adoptive home. So when they come back in to us, we know exactly where they’ve been!

Secondly, when each instrument is traded in, it is thoroughly inspected and tested to be sure it’s in top condition. If this means a cabinet touch up needs to be done before it’s put on the showroom floor, we’ll get that done! If this means changing a few light bulbs, we’ll get that done! You never need to worry about purchasing a traded in instrument from Sounds of Music. In fact, our trade ins look so good, you’ll never be able to tell them apart from new instruments!

Lastly, the savings to you is amazing! Obviously a previously enjoyed instrument is discounted beyond what a new one would be. So why not get all the quality of a new one for a fraction of the price!

So, back to those Lowrey Sterlings we just placed. How can this benefit you? We’ve got trade ins! In fact, we’ve got a few Lowrey Legends that are just itching to get back into action! The Lowrey Legend is a beautiful elite instrument, the second from the top of the line. It’s roll top gives it a classic and elegant look, but the large color touch screen just screams high tech!

Could you be ready for one of these great Lowrey Legends (or any other previously enjoyed instrument)? Call Mack or Keri today so we can introduce you to your perfect match! Click here to check out the current instruments in the Lowrey line!

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Just a Couple Notes!

Hi folks! Just a quick reminder that there are no classes or personal help sessions next week! We hope that you will have a fantastic Fourth of July! Go barbeque, shoot fireworks, and definitely play some patriotic music in honor of the day!


Also, we are already registering for the next session beginning in September! Start now telling your friends and family how much fun you’re having in your lessons and how they can join you!


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The Passing of the Torch

The Passing of the Torch

Is it possible to have both a happy and a heavy heart at the same time? It must be, because that is how we feel today here at Sounds of Music.

Yesterday morning, June 12th, Mack’s mentor and dear friend, Nancy Hathaway, passed through the gates of Heaven. Though she had many health problems, her passing was not expected and hit us hard.

Mack’s relationship with Nancy dates back to 1963 when, at the age of 4, Mack’s parents purchased his first piano from her. Her shop was located in a little plaza down the street from them. Her store was called Sounds of Music.

Their friendship grew closer as he grew older, and by the age of 15 he was making himself useful at her store, cleaning and assisting on deliveries. Before long, he was in front of the classroom teaching Nancy’s Lowrey Magic classes and the rest, as they say, is history.

Though Mack would grow and continue to add other facets to his life, one thing always remained consistent- his relationship with Nancy. She continued to be a guiding force in his life, his “guardian angel”. Our business, Sounds of Music EZ-Play Learning Center, was named in her honor.

Nancy was a fabulous musician herself, having played organ in the premier dinner clubs of Columbia in the ’60s and ’70s, and in her later life, serving as the church organist at Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church. Though she was diagnosed with a neuro-muscular disease in the family of Lou Gherig’s, she never lost her sparkle or her fire.

We will miss Nancy dearly, but her legacy lives on because, over 30 years ago, she lit the fire in a young boy’s heart, a fire that burns brighter than ever today. Sounds of Music is what it is because of Nancy Hathaway.

And for that, we will be ever grateful.


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Summer Fling 2012

What a great two days we’ve had! If you weren’t there, you missed a fabulous time of music, fun, laughter, education and (of course) food!

Our first day started on Wednesday, May 30th at the River Center in Saluda Shoals Park. Even though the doors wouldn’t open until 10am, students eager to mingle and learn were pulling up bright and early. Inside the meeting room, the staff was busy hammering out the last minute details- clarifying who would play when, finding all the necessary handouts for the workshops, and decorating the room in a fun summer theme. Our caterer (and student!) Debbie Teague was busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast to get our day jump started.

After what seemed like forever to the waiting crowd, the doors opened and Summer Fling had begun! Music was, of course, the first order of the day, and Lowrey’s Brad Bryan delighted the crowd and got toes tapping.

Amy Watson, a music therapist for Palmetto Baptist, was on hand immediately after lunch to give us real-life examples of how making music really does make us healthier. Seth Rye and Joanie Manero from Lowrey, as well as Brad, each gave informative workshops on everything from making a medley to styling our favorite songs. Delicious breakfasts and lunches kept us energized and everyone enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones! Several people even took advantage of the great incentives our friends at Lowrey brought with them and left Summer Fling having made the decision to adopt new Lowreys!

Overall, many people said it was one of the best events they have ever attended in their music career, and we’re so excited to have been able to provide this. We hope all the attendees had their whistles whetted for our biggest event of the year- Music Academy! If you missed Summer Fling, you won’t want to miss Academy! Stay tuned for details on that. In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from the Fling!


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