The Benefits of Previously Enjoyed Lowreys!

28 Jun

We’ve been fortunate enough lately to have sent several new Lowrey Sterlings to their new homes! The new owners are thrilled to be part of the flagship instrument family. Of course, this means trade ins! So how can this benefit you?

Let us first explain our policies regarding traded in instruments. There are several great thing about adopting a previously enjoyed Lowrey from Sounds of Music. First of all, the majority of these instruments were delivered by Mack himself. This means he knows what kind of home it’s going into, where it’s being placed, everything. Each Lowrey is like our baby, and we like to see them personally placed in each adoptive home. So when they come back in to us, we know exactly where they’ve been!

Secondly, when each instrument is traded in, it is thoroughly inspected and tested to be sure it’s in top condition. If this means a cabinet touch up needs to be done before it’s put on the showroom floor, we’ll get that done! If this means changing a few light bulbs, we’ll get that done! You never need to worry about purchasing a traded in instrument from Sounds of Music. In fact, our trade ins look so good, you’ll never be able to tell them apart from new instruments!

Lastly, the savings to you is amazing! Obviously a previously enjoyed instrument is discounted beyond what a new one would be. So why not get all the quality of a new one for a fraction of the price!

So, back to those Lowrey Sterlings we just placed. How can this benefit you? We’ve got trade ins! In fact, we’ve got a few Lowrey Legends that are just itching to get back into action! The Lowrey Legend is a beautiful elite instrument, the second from the top of the line. It’s roll top gives it a classic and elegant look, but the large color touch screen just screams high tech!

Could you be ready for one of these great Lowrey Legends (or any other previously enjoyed instrument)? Call Mack or Keri today so we can introduce you to your perfect match! Click here to check out the current instruments in the Lowrey line!

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