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We Need Your Voice!

It’s that time again! The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, pumpkin-scented… well, everything has hit the shelves. Fall is here! And what does Fall bring with it? That’s right, the South Carolina State Fair!

The State Fair is always our biggest recruiting event of the year. We reach more people in those 12 days than we do in all our other advertising in a year combined. Our goal is to bring as many adults into our program as possible with the guarantee that we can teach them how to play! And this is where our faithful current student population comes in.

Those of you who are in our classes know the truth. You know that we can indeed teach even the least experienced to play the music they love. You know that your musical dreams are not something we take lightly. We are committed to helping you achieve those dreams. And your experience is invaluable to us.

Remember when you first began taking music with us? I know there was a part of you that was skeptical. “Can they really teach me?” Those people whose interest is piqued as they stop in front of our booth are thinking exactly the same thing. And we need you to assure you that, yes, we can! As our Sounds of Music staff explains the details of the lesson program, your presence is so important because we can refer to you as living proof that we are who we say we are and can deliver on our promises. Hearing a peer say, “I did it and you can too!” is much more effective than somebody trying to “pitch” you a program.

So, how can you help? Just call us to schedule your 4 hour shift. Days and times are very flexible and your admission to the fair is paid for. But we need you. We need your experience and your voice saying, “you can do this!”

Call today to schedule your shift!

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