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Getting the Word Out

The South Carolina state fair has come and gone once again. And once again it brought us a bunch of new and eager faces, ready to fulfill their dream of learning to play music! How wonderful it is to talk to someone who is absolutely sure they cannot learn to play and watch them realize that maybe they can indeed do it. It’s a wonderful thing to see the schedule filling up with new names from all over the state.

We want to thank each and every volunteer who came out to sit in the booth with us and convince their peers that if you can do it, they can do it too! Though you may not feel as if you did a whole lot, just your presence was an immense help. Our student base always comes through for us and this year was no exception.

Remember, a new session of classes begins the week after Thanksgiving and there is still time to get your friends on the schedule. Who have you told lately about the joys of making music?

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