Happy Birthday, USA

03 Jul

As we approach on the 237th birthday of our country, we all must admit she is restless. Things are not so great in our great country. However, we can all put our political affiliations and arguments aside and agree on one thing- our military deserves the utmost respect. The freedoms that we enjoy were not freely given. They were hard-won on battlefields around the world. Every service member, whether veteran or active, should be given the utmost respect and honor. These people put aside their own comforts, their own desires and some even their own lives, to fight for a country they loved, full of people they didn’t even know.

To all our service members, we say “thank you”, which is not nearly enough, but is the best we have to offer. For the military families who followed their active-duty father, mother or spouse to bases around the world, who watched them leave when duty called and begged for their safe return, we thank you too. You have served our country in many ways as well.

Happy Birthday, America, and thank you, U.S. Military, for giving her another one. May God bless you, and may God bless America!

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