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We are Family (Family for Gayle)

To all of our Sounds Of Music Family…..I am asking you to hunker down in Prayer for one of our Sounds Of Music Family Members, Mr. Gayle Vest. A couple of months ago, Gayle went into the Hospital in Charlotte for a very serious anurisum behind the heart. Gayle was released and came home to recover. We found out that on August 12 he was admitted to the emergency room her in Columbia and we suspect he was transported back to Charlotte for emergency surgery again. We regained track of him around the 17 of August when we found out he was in “Surgical Trauma ICU”. We have tried to contact his family to no avail so we would know more of his situation and condition.

This evening (September 5) we found out Gayle has been transferred out of STICU and to a floor into a normal room. With this information, we know our Prayers are being answered and are asking you to join us in rocking the walls in heaven with all of our prayers for Gayle. This is a good man with a huge heart and has always been a HUGE supporter for our family at Sounds Of Music. Now it is time for this family to support Gayle. W are asking you to begin your prayer for this man NOW……and continue often, constantly and without ceasing. Whenever you have a free moment and you thoughts begin to wonder, just look to heaven and ask God to continue to touch Gayle “PLEASE”.

We thank you NOW, in advance, for you prayers and Gods Grace for this sweet man.

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