Getting the Word Out

The South Carolina state fair has come and gone once again. And once again it brought us a bunch of new and eager faces, ready to fulfill their dream of learning to play music! How wonderful it is to talk to someone who is absolutely sure they cannot learn to play and watch them realize that maybe they can indeed do it. It’s a wonderful thing to see the schedule filling up with new names from all over the state.

We want to thank each and every volunteer who came out to sit in the booth with us and convince their peers that if you can do it, they can do it too! Though you may not feel as if you did a whole lot, just your presence was an immense help. Our student base always comes through for us and this year was no exception.

Remember, a new session of classes begins the week after Thanksgiving and there is still time to get your friends on the schedule. Who have you told lately about the joys of making music?

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We Need Your Voice!

It’s that time again! The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, pumpkin-scented… well, everything has hit the shelves. Fall is here! And what does Fall bring with it? That’s right, the South Carolina State Fair!

The State Fair is always our biggest recruiting event of the year. We reach more people in those 12 days than we do in all our other advertising in a year combined. Our goal is to bring as many adults into our program as possible with the guarantee that we can teach them how to play! And this is where our faithful current student population comes in.

Those of you who are in our classes know the truth. You know that we can indeed teach even the least experienced to play the music they love. You know that your musical dreams are not something we take lightly. We are committed to helping you achieve those dreams. And your experience is invaluable to us.

Remember when you first began taking music with us? I know there was a part of you that was skeptical. “Can they really teach me?” Those people whose interest is piqued as they stop in front of our booth are thinking exactly the same thing. And we need you to assure you that, yes, we can! As our Sounds of Music staff explains the details of the lesson program, your presence is so important because we can refer to you as living proof that we are who we say we are and can deliver on our promises. Hearing a peer say, “I did it and you can too!” is much more effective than somebody trying to “pitch” you a program.

So, how can you help? Just call us to schedule your 4 hour shift. Days and times are very flexible and your admission to the fair is paid for. But we need you. We need your experience and your voice saying, “you can do this!”

Call today to schedule your shift!

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Pull Out Your Calendar!

Even though this is the last week in this session of classes, it doesn’t mean the fun is over until we start again! Just this morning we have set in stone some great workshops that players of every level can enjoy!

Coming up first on Tuesday, August 21st is a brand new workshop on Performance! Our students know how to play, but do you know how to perform? We’ll teach you some simple little tricks to make your playing like a star! This workshop starts at 10:30 and cost is $10 per person.

On Thursday, August 23rd, we’ll be teaching a workshop about timing. All of us have issues with playing in time at some point in our musical careers. Whether you could use a few pointers or you’re just plain lost when it comes to counting music, this one is for you! The day will also begin at 10:30 and cost for this is $10 per person as well.

Finally, we’ve planned a great workshop mainly for our newer players, but long-time hobbyists are sure to get something out of this as well! Plan on spending a couple hours with us Monday through Thursday, August 27th through 30th, beginning at 10:30am. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll teach you a brand new song. Then on Thursday, we’ll help you put the three together to create a brand new, custom medley! The cost for the entire week (including the sheet music to three new songs and the medley) is $25.

As always, reservations are required as we have limited space. Give us a call to reserve your spot in the workshops of your choice!

When the workshops are through, it will be time to start a new session of classes! Make sure you’re on the schedule to continue your musical journey with Sounds of Music!

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When Is the Right Time?

There always seems to be a little trepidation when it comes to our students upgrading their Lowrey. The question is always “How do I know I’m ready?”. So, here is the answer to that age old question to set your mind at ease.

When are you ready for a new Lowrey? That’s actually a very easy question to answer. When you are constantly pushing the same buttons, it’s time. Now don’t get me wrong, you’re always going to have your favorite go-to sounds and styles. But are you pushing them because they’re the sounds you enjoy, or are you pushing them out of necessity? This is an important question, because if you’re pushing them out of necessity, it’s because you have no other options. And what would music be without options? If every country song you play sounds exactly the same, it’s time to upgrade.

If it’s because the sounds you’re pushing are your favorites, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t upgrade! Think about other hobbies. I’m a beader. I constantly am looking for new beads, new wire, new accessories. But yes, I have my favorites. I’m not replacing what I love, I’m adding to it! It’s the same in our musical hobby as well. Yes, we have our favorites, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a few components! Maybe a few new styles? Some authentic new sounds?

The other objection we hear quite often is “I haven’t learned everything on the instrument I have now!” Do you listen to every radio station on your car radio before you trade it in for another car? Of course not! Even those of us who have been playing for decades have never played every sound or used every feature on our instruments. That doesn’t mean I’m not always looking for some new ones to add to my existing favorites!

And that’s one of the finer things about Lowrey. Every one of my favorite sounds and styles “grows up” with me! I can work my way up the line and never lose my favorite features! I’m just adding more!

So, when is it the the right time to upgrade your Lowrey Virtual Keyboard? How about now!

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New Student Sales Event Going On Now!

For a Limited Time Only

Enjoy the new Lowrey EZ-2 and choose from Two Special Purchase Options!

The Lowrey EZ-2 is the first instrument in the Lowrey line and the perfect companion for any beginner student. Don’t be fooled by it’s size- this compact instrument carries many of the features of it’s larger brothers!  Matching bench, owner’s pack and coveted Black Music Book are included!

      You Won’t Be Bored for a Single Minute with this Single Keyboard!


Two Special Purchase Options to Choose From:

The Finance Option- Finance the low sales price and choose 0% interest for 12 months or standard financing terms as low as $52.09 per month! Over $500 savings!!!

The Cash and Carry Option- Choose to pay by cash, check or credit card and the price goes down even more! Over $800 savings!!!

Call Mack today to see the special price we’ve worked out for this fabulous New Student Sales Event!

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Lowrey’s Little Helper

Miss Judy W. got a surprise this morning when we rolled up with her new Lowrey EZ-2… her music rack and owner’s pack was hand-delivered by the cutest little delivery person you’ve ever seen! This really is a family business!

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The Benefits of Previously Enjoyed Lowreys!

We’ve been fortunate enough lately to have sent several new Lowrey Sterlings to their new homes! The new owners are thrilled to be part of the flagship instrument family. Of course, this means trade ins! So how can this benefit you?

Let us first explain our policies regarding traded in instruments. There are several great thing about adopting a previously enjoyed Lowrey from Sounds of Music. First of all, the majority of these instruments were delivered by Mack himself. This means he knows what kind of home it’s going into, where it’s being placed, everything. Each Lowrey is like our baby, and we like to see them personally placed in each adoptive home. So when they come back in to us, we know exactly where they’ve been!

Secondly, when each instrument is traded in, it is thoroughly inspected and tested to be sure it’s in top condition. If this means a cabinet touch up needs to be done before it’s put on the showroom floor, we’ll get that done! If this means changing a few light bulbs, we’ll get that done! You never need to worry about purchasing a traded in instrument from Sounds of Music. In fact, our trade ins look so good, you’ll never be able to tell them apart from new instruments!

Lastly, the savings to you is amazing! Obviously a previously enjoyed instrument is discounted beyond what a new one would be. So why not get all the quality of a new one for a fraction of the price!

So, back to those Lowrey Sterlings we just placed. How can this benefit you? We’ve got trade ins! In fact, we’ve got a few Lowrey Legends that are just itching to get back into action! The Lowrey Legend is a beautiful elite instrument, the second from the top of the line. It’s roll top gives it a classic and elegant look, but the large color touch screen just screams high tech!

Could you be ready for one of these great Lowrey Legends (or any other previously enjoyed instrument)? Call Mack or Keri today so we can introduce you to your perfect match! Click here to check out the current instruments in the Lowrey line!

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