Today’s Lowrey

Today’s Lowrey

The Lowrey Virtual Orchestra

Why the Lowrey Virtual Orchestra™?

Have you always dreamed of becoming an Accomplished Pianist,or maybe a Master Guitarist or even a Brilliant Band Leader, but life always stepped in your way. With Lowrey’s “NEW” Virtual Orchestra’s, Lowrey Magic, and one hour of your time per week all of this can  become a reality, holding with Lowrey’s Tradition of excellence.

The Frederick C. Lowrey Sterling Edition

Lowrey’s NEW Virtual Orchestras are the most exciting instruments to arrive in the music industry in decades. If you want to learn to play Piano, You can with the weighted action of a true Piano!  If your dream is to play Guitar, you can with your choice of many styles of guitars. If you have always want to direct you own band whether it be a big band, a county band, a gospel group   or the Beatles, the dream is at the command of you and a “Lowrey Virtual Orchestra”

The Legend

In 1918, Mr. Frederick C Lowrey developed his first working model of an electronic Lowrey Organ. Since those beginning days Lowrey has always been in the forefront of the music instrument industry.

It was always the dream Of Mr. Lowrey, even from those early days, for everyone to have a musical instrument in their home, but more importantly, for them to be able to play it.

Education has always been a prime directive for Lowrey. With “Lowrey Magic’s” educational  series pared with the family fun environment found at
“Sounds Of Music EZ Play Learning Center”
Learning to play music has never been easier.

Holiday Classic

EZ 10


EZ 2

The Rhapsody

The Conductor

The Fiesta

The Quick Start

The Adventurer 2


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